TSP: Contribution limits, traditional, Roth, fund options, withdrawal options while employed and in retirement, spousal rights, risk tolerance, historical performance, agency contributions

FERS: Pension eligibility, COLA, High 3, beneficiaries, special provisions, MRA

SPECIAL RETIREMENT SUPPLEMENT: Eligibility, earnings test, cost of living adjustments

FEGLI LIFE: Options while employed, options in retirement, planning considerations

FEHB – HEALTH: While working, in retirement, costs, family members, Medicare

FLTCI: What is LTC, plan for LTC, ADL’s, LTC premium costs and options

SURVIVOR BENEFITS: While working, in retirement, insurable interests, children

SOCIAL SECURITY: FRA, 25% penalty, best age to file, 32% bonus, spousal benefits

CALCULATIONS: TSP, FEGLI, Pension, Social Security, Survivor Benefits, Special Retirement Supplement

FERS Pre-Retirement Seminars

Our Half-Day PRE-RETIREMENT FERS SEMINAR. Topics include:
♦ Thrift Savings Plan
♦ Federal Employees Retirement Supplement
♦ Social Security
♦ Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
♦ Survivor Benefits
♦ Federal Long Term Care Insurance
♦ Special Retirement Supplement
♦ Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

The Federal Benefits Seminar Group provides ANNUAL BENEFITS TRAINING required of federal agencies under PUBLIC LAW MANDATES and OPM GUIDELINES.

Our presentations feature:
♦ Full-color, modern slides
♦ Engaging, professional speakers
♦ Up-to-date, current information

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Empowering Federal Employees to Achieve Financial Independence in Retirement!